Our Experience
Since the practice was established in 1973, Schott & Lites Advocates has provided comprehensive lobbying and small business development services to diverse public and private sector clients. Typically, our services include strategy development, legislative management and direct advocacy before the state Legislature, the Governor’s office, other constitutional offices, and state agencies, commissions and departments.

Our client list includes a variety of public and private sector entities whose policy interests are diverse and result in our interaction with multiple legislative committees. On a regular basis, we work directly in the issue areas of transportation, local government, insurance, environmental policy, land use, retirement and pension policy, housing, education finance, water policy, communications, electric power, law enforcement and public safety.

Many of our clients have statewide or national interests that place us regularly before all members of the state Legislature and the Governor’s office. In part because we are cautious about potential conflicts of interest, our clients and their issues are varied. Therefore, we regularly advocate before most of the standing policy committees of both Houses of the Legislative and again, lobbying most Members not only when issues reach the Floors of the respective Houses, but also when bills are heard and discussed in policy and fiscal committees. We also work often in coalitions with whom a client is affiliated or work to develop coalitions with other similar interests.

We pride ourselves on delivering services to our clients in an attentive, accessible, and meticulous manner. We strive to truly understand the issues of our clients in order to be well-prepared to effectively convey those issues to the Legislative and Executive branches of state government, and to seek solutions that meet our clients’ needs. With our comprehensive approach, legislative access, and thirty-plus years of direct advocacy experience, we believe Schott & Lites Advocates can ably serve the interests of most prospective clients.

Our Principles
Schott & Lites Advocates has a long track record of successful representation of public sector entities before the state Legislative and Executive Branches of government. Our approach to lobbying and consulting is intuitive: We believe in knowing and understanding the client as thoroughly as possible and representing their interests in a straightforward and honest manner. Various strategic approaches to an issue before state government are often available, and the ability to choose a sensible and effective strategy can be vital to a successful outcome. The manner in which a strategy is implemented can be equally as important to achieving public policy goals. Schott & Lites Advocates has strong relationships with all levels of state government built over years of interacting with individuals with a respectful and professional demeanor that includes a command of the client’s operations, needs, and overall disposition. We believe the breadth of our activities on behalf of clients with varied interests is evidence of our expertise and knowledge of the legislative process, the Executive branch, and the relationships necessary to be successful. We strongly suggest our reputation, as professional and forthright advocates, is a tremendous asset.
Conflicts of Interest
Schott & Lites Advocates provides prospective clients with our existing client list, along with our invitation to arrange a confidential conversation with any of those listed clients. When a new client states its intention to retain Schott & Lites Advocates, we identify the organization to our existing clients in order to further guard against conflicts of interest, which explains why Schott & Lites Advocates has enjoyed long-term relationships with most of its clientele, several of which have remained with the firm for the duration of our practice.